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“The Bastard of Indulgence”

An Intriguing New Book by Lord Toph “The Bastard of Indulgence” by Lord Toph  Published by Monté CrisToph Literature, 2019  Short Story Word Count (approx. 2,687 words) “The Bastard of Indulgence” (Book Description) “The Bastard of Indulgence” is a short story written in light verse and is essentially meant to be rather comedic, by entertaining …

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Lord Toph’s Newest Novella: “Dillinger Comes to Dinner”  

Author Lord Toph, contributes yet another fascinating facet to the man who was feared and loved by many during the early 1930’s.  He was infamously marked by J. Edgar Hoover and his Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 1934 as America’s “Public Enemy Number One.”   This man, was John Dillinger. “Dillinger Comes to Dinner” is …

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