The “Chae Chaplin the Vampire” Dream Cast

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Do you love Hollywood hits?  Check!  And don’t you just love K-dramas?  Duh!?!  Big check!  Well, what if there was this hot, new Hollywood movie coming out with all your fav HollyStars and K-Stars in it?  Would you go see it?

Well, I don’t know about you, but we would be so there and front row and center (with face masks on, of course).

So, just imagine seeing, “Chae Chaplin the Vampire,” going from the short story, to the manhwa and full novel to the big movie screen!  I mean, we’re talking like, badass stretch limos, gorgeous sequined gowns, tailored tuxes, plush red-carpet and celebrity appearances and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the whole shebang!

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre aka, TCL Chinese Theatre, in Hollywood, CA

If you love this sorta thing, then let’s get the ball rolling and get the buzz started!  콜 (kol)?  That’s kinda like saying “cool?” or “deal?” in Korean, just in case you didn’t know. 😉

SO!  Check out our “Dream Cast” below for “Chae Chaplin the Vampire” and see who we’ve picked for the perfect cast members.  Tell us your favs!  And, if you have someone in mind you think would be more ideal for a role, be sure to let us know in the comments!

By creating a big buzz, there’s a pretty good chance we can make it happen.  But we need your support in getting the word out.  Let’s feed Chae Chaplin the Vampire all the energy he needs to keep himself alive! (no pun intended)

Check out the list we created below, of the amazing stars we think would be ideal as characters of the “Chae Chaplin the Vampire” cast!

The Enchanted One ~ Chae Chap-lin

Chae Chaplin the Vampire ~ First Choice, Lee Dong-wook

Hands down, he’s absolutely perfect for this role! And doesn’t he just make your heart throb? Well, check him out in Tale of the Nine-Tailed“!

Chae Chaplin the Vampire ~ First Choice Runner Up, Phillip Lee

And to think we almost left this heartthrob out of the mix! That would have been a huge mistake! You gotta check him out in “Secret Garden“!

Chae Chaplin the Vampire ~ Second Choice, Jo In-sung

We so adored him in “That Winter, The Wind Blows”! And talk about a handsome devil!

Chae Chaplin the Vampire ~ Third Choice, Lee Jong-suk

Being the 3rd pick on this list does not make this cutie #3 in our hearts. Just watch, “While You Were Sleeping” to see what we mean!

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Hyun Cho-hee (Chae Chaplin’s Chosen) ~ First Choice Seo Yea-ji

After seeing “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,” this breathtaking beauty possesses a commanding presence and quickly moved up to our #1 spot for the role of Cho-hee!

Hyun Cho-hee (Chae Chaplin’s Chosen) ~ First Choice Runner Up, Kim Ji-Won

All the guys will be pleading, “MARRY ME, PLEASE!” if she takes the role as, Cho-hee. Don’t believe us? Watch “Descendants of the Sun” and you’ll see what we mean!  

Hyun Cho-hee (Chae Chaplin’s Chosen) ~ Second Choice, Shin Hye-sun

She’s got all the right stuff to make a Vampire hungry to make her his girl. “Angel’s Last Mission” will surely convince you of this!

Hyun Cho-hee (Chae Chaplin’s Chosen) ~ Third Choice, Oh Yeon-seo

If she can make demon fall for her, no doubt a vampire will drool over her too! Watching “Hwayugi” will show you!

Hyun Cho-hee (Chae Chaplin’s Chosen) ~ Fourth Choice, Chungha

As BIG fans of your music… We “Love U”! Now, it’s time for Chae Chaplin the Vampire to love you too!

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Chae Kyung-Mi (Chae Chaplin’s Mother) ~ First Choice, Gong Hyo-jin

Who wouldn’t be proud to have this beauty as a mother?!? So beautiful and so much fun! She just wowed us in “Master’s Sun”!

Chae Kyung-Mi (Chae’s Mother) ~ Second Choice, Han Hyo-joo

What a beauty! We’re sure you agree. It goes without saying… she just has the “Beauty Inside” and out!

Chae Kyung-Mi (Chae’s Mother) ~ Third Choice, Im Soo-jung

We would be thrilled to watch you go from “Chicago Typewriter” to a New York vampire – Chae Chaplin needs you!

Lilli Chéng (Chae’s friend in Shanghai, China) ~ First Choice, Victoria Loke

Sometimes history repeats itself – This gorgeous creature was an absolute scene stealer in “Crazy Rich Asians” and she’ll certainly steal our hearts as Lilli!

Lilli Chéng (Chae’s friend in Shanghai, China) ~ Second Choice, Yang Zi

As Lilli, Chae Chaplin’s Shanghai sweetheart, she will always be. Just watch her in “The Oath of Love” and you’ll see!

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Dr. Jeong Sang-hoon ~ First Choice, Choi Jin-ho

Even a vampire is in good hands with this distinguished gentleman. Check out how calm and collected he is in “Oh My Venus”!

Dr. Jeong Sang-hoon ~ Second Choice, Shin Jung-keun

Even as a vampire patient, he’s got you! If he can tend to ghosts, like he did in “Hotel Del Luna,” then he’ll be the ideal doctor in this movie!

Dr. Jeong Sang-hoon ~ Third Choice, Lee Han-wi

In “My Shy Boss” he’s a reserved, devoted dad – But we wanna see him as Dr. Jeong now! Please, please please?

Jeong Bora (Dr. Jeong’s Niece) ~ First Choice, Yang Jin-sung

Now this cutie patootie had to be our first pick for Bora. She just seems so smart and adorable! See her dazzle in “Chicago Typewriter”!

Jeong Bora (Dr. Jeong’s Niece) ~ Second Choice, Park Hye-soo

She’s such a sweetie… But there is a serious side to her also! It shows and shines in “Will You Be There,” so she’s prime for Bora’s role!

Jeong Bora (Dr. Jeong’s Niece) ~ Third Choice, Pyo Ye-jin

Pretty as a peach! And to top it off, she’s worked with “Doctors” before. Well, at least on TV. Now let’s see her come to the rescue, as Nurse
Jeong Bora!

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Paige Parsons (Chae Chaplin’s long-time subject) ~ First Choice, Eva Green

She allured us as well as the legendary 007, as Vesper Lynd in “Casino Royale.”  Now let’s get to know her as Chae Chaplin’s former squeeze.

Paige Parsons (Chae Chaplin’s long-time subject) ~ Second Choice, Rosamund Pike

Now, if she can play Madame Curie in “Radio Active,” she definitely deserves to be Chae Chaplin’s former love interest in his movie too!

Paige Parsons (Chae Chaplin’s long-time subject) ~ Third Choice, Rebecca Hall

She was married to a master magician in “The Prestige.” Now, let’s see her make a little magic with the enchanted one; Chae Chaplin the Vampire!

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Antoine Perry (Chae Chaplin’s friend in Brooklyn) ~ First Choice, Donald Glover

Being the voice of Simba, in “The Lion King,” had to be a fun challenge for this talented actor musician. And we think he’d be a hit again, as Antoine Perry!

Antoine Perry (Chae Chaplin’s friend in Brooklyn) ~ Second Choice, LaKeith Stanfield

Did you see him in that chilling scene in “Get Out” ? Man, oh man! Now just imagine him in “Chae Chaplin the Vampire” … Ooh wee!

Antoine Perry (Chae Chaplin’s friend in Brooklyn) ~ Third Choice, Jermaine Fowler

This guy was an all-out smash in “Coming to America 2.” So we know there is absolutely no doubt that he will definitely shine as Chae Chaplin’s BFF!

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Chae Chaplin’s Maker ~ First Choice, Cho Yeo-jeong

All eyes were on her and ogling while watching this knockout vixen in “Parasite.” And they sure as heck will be if/when we get to see her as Chae Chaplin’s maker! Ooh la la!

Chae Chaplin’s Maker ~ Second Choice, Lee El

Waahhh! This is where the screen really steams up, seeing this Seductress from “What a Man Wants,” make her appearance in tempting us as Chae Chaplin’s maker!

Chae Chaplin’s Maker ~ Third Choice, Ha Ji-won

Sometimes beauty can be a little too seductive – Even to a priest. So, it’s jjinja understandable why this smoldering goddess could make someone a vampire. Watch “Love So Divine” and you’ll see what we mean!

Chae Chaplin as a Child (“Little Chappie”) ~ First Choice, Jung Si-yul

It’s almost too hard for us to find an alternate for this little guy as the role of “Little Chappie.” He’s simply too cute! When you see him in “Tale of the Nine-Tailed,” you’ll agree. He’s just too cute for the world!

Chae Chaplin as a Teenager ~ First Choice, Nam Dae-reum

This budding star has shown us his mystic side before in “Hotel Del Luna.” So, he’s bound to be able to play the part of Chae Chaplin when he first became a vampire!

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River Fisherman ~ First Choice, Kim Chang-wan

He won our hearts as Jang Young-mok in “My Love from the Star.” So, seeing him in on the screen with Chae Chaplin, would be the icing on the cake!

River Fisherman ~ Second Choice, Kim Ki-cheon

The cutest ahjussi you ever did see! We loved you in “Casa Amor.” Now, we need you in “Chae Chaplin the Vampire!”

River Fisherman ~ Third Choice, Jeon Gook-hwan

We are still saluting your performance in “Crash Landing on You.” And it would be awesome to see you in Chae Chaplin’s movie too!

Smueth (Chae Chaplin’s Chauffeur) ~ First Choice, Tom Hollander

Though he’s done a bunch of great work since “A Good Year,” it’s till our favorite movie we’ve seen this distinguished thespian in. We fell for him then. Now seeing him as “Smueth,” would be a big win – definitely!

Smueth (Chae Chaplin’s Chauffeur) ~ Second Choice, Paul Giamatti

Seeing this sophisticated gent as “Inspector Uhl” in “The Illusionist,” will simply blow you away. And you’ll know why he’s our top dream contender for the role of Smueth!

Smueth (Chae Chaplin’s Chauffeur) ~ Third Choice, Martin Freeman

Can’t you just imagine the innocent, little Bilbo Baggins, from “The Hobbit,” being the private driver for a wealthy vampire? Hee hee hee! What a blast that would be! We certainly can!

Other Great Actors Considered as Runners-up for the “Chae Chaplin the Vampire” Dream Cast

Chae Chaplin

  1. Park Bo-gum
  2. Choi Si-won
  3. Ahn Hyo-seop

Hyun Cho-hee

  1. Kang So-ra
  2. Han Ye-seul

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“Chae Chaplin the Vampire”

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