The Bastard of Indulgence


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“The Bastard of Indulgence” signifies such an individual whose innermost urges are triggered by something within his makeup (unbeknownst to him) which charges him to constantly fill the need of his uttermost desires.

“The Bastard of Indulgence”
Short Story

Word Count (approx. 2,668 words)
Published by Monté CrisToph Literature, 2019

“The Bastard of Indulgence” is a short story written in light verse and is essentially meant to be rather comedic, by entertaining the aspect of humor which can ironically be found even in the most absurd forms of reason. Reason is often substituted by the ruse of inexplicable rationalizing by individuals who simply need to have their way or get what they want at all times. As there are many individuals who feel the need to feed their id or ego incessantly, there are of course certain people that far exceed this general description.



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