Dillinger Comes to Dinner (eBook)


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Dillinger Comes to Dinner (eBook)

Author Lord Toph, contributes yet another fascinating facet to the man who was feared and loved by many during the early 1930’s. He was infamously marked by J. Edgar Hoover and his Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as America’s first “Public Enemy Number One.”
“Dillinger Comes to Dinner” is an insightful tale that has been told and passed down through Lord Toph’s family for decades. It is an unrecorded, yet intriguing account of John Dillinger’s brief moment spent at the Muldrow home in Little Rock Arkansas before his journey back to Chicago Illinois. This family legend offers a completely different outlook on how Dillinger was seen and known.

“Dillinger Comes to Dinner” steps outside the realm of the unlawful life of Dillinger and offers a different outlook on the man as being simply a man in need during his brief respite.

A compelling contrast is formed as Dillinger meets and befriends a colored man (Luther Muldrow) and his family in the South. During this brief moment in time, an act of kindness without prejudice yields a connection between these two men from entirely different walks of life.



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