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Monté CrisToph Literature is an independent publishing house which publishes written works in various literary forms.


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A note sent out from LORD TOPH to a long-time supporter & collector of his work.

“There is nothing more pleasing than having devoted appreciators of your work. The feeling I get from knowing that I have touched someone emotionally in a positive way, gets me in my flow. It inspires me even more so and makes creating all the more gratifying.”






Reveries of Romance & Sentiment

“Reveries of Romance & Sentiment” by LORD TOPH

The very essence of nostalgia and romance is warmly embedded in this collection of poetic works. “Reveries of Romance & Sentiment” is a glorious compilation of prose and poetry reflecting upon the quintessential aspects and ideals of love and romance.

Lord Toph takes a classic approach at describing his innermost intimate expressions, by conveying romanticism in an “old world” appeal. “Reveries of Romance & Sentiment” is an assortment of poetic writings that wonderfully caress the intimacy of passion, longing, nostalgia, the affinity for sentimental moments and the infinite reward of romance’s embrace.






Five Old Wives' Tales cover

“Five Old Wives’ Tales” by LORD TOPH

During a morning breakfast, tea time with a friend, or as a quiet read before bedtime; “Five Old Wives’ Tales” is a delightfully light collection of poetic literature to have as an accompaniment. Each tale is cleverly written and filled with wit; nostalgic in style, with a contemporary twist, relative to the times in which we live in.

You will be pleased to indulge yourself with these imaginative vignettes of verse, which may dutifully serve as fun fables to reflect upon, to absolve the day-to-day mundane and leave you feeling chipper again!






Poetry for Yoonsil: Romantic Poems from Artist to his Muse

“Poetry for Yoonsil” by LORD TOPH


Take a journey through the mind’s eye of artist, Lord Toph. Discover what it means to become enraptured by beauty, inspiration, and romanticism. In this artfully undulating collection of poetic expression, you will become intrigued by the passionate affinity an artist develops for his muse, and her innate ability to inspire each aspect of his creativity.

For centuries, artists have become engrossed with the women that have inspired masterful works, and have done so as artists’ muses. In “Poetry for Yoonsil,” Lord Toph paints pictures with words in homage to his muse, and to describe the intimate height of adoration many artists could compose, paint or play, but perhaps could never actually say.




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