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Birthday Salutations for Edgar Allan Poe

The world knows him as the Master of the Macabre. There are many avid readers of his work that recognize him as the Father of the […]

“The Bastard of Indulgence”

An Intriguing New Book by Lord Toph “The Bastard of Indulgence” by Lord Toph  Published by Monté CrisToph Literature, 2019  Short Story Word Count (approx. 2,687 […]

Lord Toph’s Newest Novella: “Dillinger Comes to Dinner”  

Author Lord Toph, contributes yet another fascinating facet to the man who was feared and loved by many during the early 1930’s.  He was infamously marked […]

Something’s Going Down in Chinatown

  Recently I took a stroll through New York City’s infamous Chinatown and to my surprise I noticed a drastic change seems to be coming about rather rapidly […]

The Digital Flood and the New World (Part I)

Out of the many stories that I read as a child growing up Episcopalian (which for me to explain the denomination to anyone unknown would phrase […]

How Can We Seize the Moment to Fill that Empty Space in Our Lives?

I was walking down the street in SoHo, Manhattan (SoHo is for the “South Houston” area in lower Manhattan) one evening. I was passing the art […]

Ross Allen Reviews – “There Will Be Blood”

Misery Loves Competition… After ten years, it is more than solidified to speak of the mastery in Paul Thomas Anderson’s “There Will Be Blood.” From the […]

Weekend Reflection: “Track By Track: Damen Samuel – ‘Odyssey’”

From TONE DEF Online Music Publication Melbourne based jazz/ soul singer Damen Samuel recently launched his brand new EP Odyssey. Often drawing comparisons to Nick Drave and Ben Harper the talented solo […]

Are You Listening To the Right Amount Wrong People???

I believe that advice in any sense can always be a positive thing:  Hearing someone’s opinion of you can tell you about yourself and about them, […]