Company Overview

Monté CrisToph Multimedia was founded by LORD TOPH, an accomplished, multi-disciplined artist with years of experience developing music, art and literature. Monté CrisToph Multimedia (MC) is a realm of concept, sight and sound, dedicated to the visualization, development and distribution of music and art across a range of genres. By bringing creative projects to life without the limitations of aesthetic borders, MC transcends stereotypes to work with an exclusive group of diverse artists that deliver bold, new material to the entertainment industry.

Monté CrisToph Multimedia is structured from its inception and foundation to conceptualize, design and produce a broad variety of products to appeal to the masses. Every aspect of our productivity is given intense development from the thought process, to the trial and error experiences needed to bring each specific product into fruition. With any great company, a disciplined process of productivity guarantees an appealing and sound product. This is how a great brand is established and flourishes.

From the visuals of the fine art boutique, to the diversified genres of our music and literature, 
Monté CrisToph Multimedia defines itself as a creative entity that stands alone.

Our biggest mission with Monté CrisToph Multimedia is to create concepts and product that secure a great return on your investment for quality entertainment. Our evolution of interest and passion creatively has melded art, music and literature with example of consistency, influence in exposition, truth in our motive.

We work for everything we publish to be a result of our passion for creativity. Let the work that you read, see and hear as well as the products you choose to purchase be an example of our consistency to provide quality.